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    Who we are

    Pure Water Technology is the fastest growing B to B drinking water company in the USA. We provide a patented and exclusive bottleless purifier to commercial business and industry that our customers LOVE! This “high end” purifier is an alternative to obsolete 5 gallon bottles water coolers, cheap filter machines, and antiquated water fountains. Over 5,000 companies have been enjoying our service since 2005 and our business has doubled in the last three years. We are currently located in Ohio, Georgia, Maryland, and Southern California with new markets being planned.

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    Sales incentive trips – Shopping sprees – Contests #1 product in the USA

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    A great Service and Admin team to support you

    Total sales comp opportunity of $55,000 – $150,000+

    Health benefits, 401K, Vacations days, and your birthday off

    A fun work environment and winning culture

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